Becoming Beautiful

- I've struggled with anorexia and bulimia for 2 years now, but in the past 6 months, I have done a lot of work on myself and gone through intense therapy, I'm now determined to lose weight the healthy way. I do not promote anorexia or bulimia, this is just for inspiration and a healthy way to get out my feelings.
CW - 162lb
UGW1 - 140lb
UGW2 -130lb
UGW - 120lb
collarbone--s-deactivated201211 asked: Heyy omg i love ur blog first off :D but i have a problem, everytime i feel like i've eaten too much make myself throwup. its not bulimia becasue i dont binge and then throw up. i eat next to nothing, and then i throw up what i do eat. today i had 2 pieces of toast and i just felt gross so i threw up. idk what to do. help :c <3


Thankyou(: Well I’ve had the same problem. I was struggling with anorexia severely. Bulimia? no. I never even once thought about it. I guess it was subconscious because my intake was so little, that the things I did eat, I just threw up. I never thought I was purposely forcing myself too, and I never once binged. I was in treatment for 8 months, diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia, also struggling with drug addiction, but I was still pretty convinced I was never bulimic, to this day I still wonder. I’ve gone over a lot of things I could say to you, to try and help, but I think of when I was struggling and I didn’t want to hear everyone say, you have bulimia, you have anorexia. You need to stop and realize your beautiful the way you are..blahblahblah so the things I would say to you is so much more then a post on tumblr could ever do. I’m sorry for all this ranting, I’d really like to continue talking, email me? I’d be happy to support you, and be there to help you a lot more then what I’ve just said in this post. <3